Your E-mails

Your E-mails

Create and send amazing e-mail campaigns, discover who opened your e-mail and what links they clicked, integrate sign up forms into your website and schedule when your newsletters are sent.


Create your own elegant emails

Kite puts you back in the driving seat allowing you to create and send your own great looking e-mails in-house. Once you have your template designed, you can easily add your own content, select recipients and schedule delivery in your own time.


Manage Subscribers

Managing your own subscribers is no longer a headache. Adding and removing subscribers takes seconds and we handle all the nasty stuff like bounces and unsubscribe requests for you automatically.


Reports you can actually understand

Our simple reports make it easy for you to check out the numbers that matter. See who opened your e-mail, who clicked a link and much more. Our reports are updated in real time so you always know the latest.



We will help you to get the most out of your emails with our expert designers and marketing experience.

Our competitive pricing structure and bespoke template design service ensures Kite will evolve with your business.